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Founded in 2004 by Institut Paul Bocuse, the Worldwide Alliance covers 17 partners in 17 countries, all among the world’s top Hospitality Management & Culinary Arts schools, in Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Finland, France, Greece, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan and the United States.

Since more than ten years, members of the Worldwide Alliance support the same values and work for promoting gastronomy, culture, education and sharing.

Enriched by cultural and educational diversity and committed to Excellence, the Worldwide Alliance shares and promotes culinary heritage, modernity and innovation, to better serve the future of their students and of the global world whilst emphasizing on the spirit of hospitality, service and responsibility.

The Worldwide Alliance puts students at the centre of its pedagogy by providing them high quality education in adequacy with the labor market expectations.

Exchanges of teaching staff, culinary seminars, board of directors, competitions and events are also organized to stimulate interactivity, facilitate exchange of best practices, reinforce bonds and promote the network.

Besides philosophy and educational objectives, members of the Worldwide Alliance truly further a state of mind!

Paul Bocuse and Gérard Pélisson
Meilleur Ouvrier de France
3 Michelin stars since 1965 - Chief of the Century award

« I am very proud regarding the success of the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance. Currently the Worldwide Alliance represents 17 schools which valorise a culinary know-how open to other cultures. This international network is symbol of professionalism, involvement and friendship. »


Chairman of the Board of Directors since 1998 and Co-founder of the Accor Group

« The spirit and the philosophy of the Alliance members make the network the reference of excellence in culinary and hospitality education. »

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