Message from the Director

Nancy Rosado
"The Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance represents to ESDAI a great opportunity to share the richness of Mexican gastronomy as well as receiving incredible culinary cultures from fifteen countries which compose the Alliance.
Institut Paul Bocuse is recognized for the excellence of its gastronomy. It follows tradition marked by Chef Paul Bocuse and promotes elegance, fineness, niceness and delicacy in the savoir faire. We appreciate, recognize and should defend these characteristics - specific to the French culture - against bad practices and globalization.

Thanks to the Summer Program of the Worldwide Alliance, our students have a magnificent opportunity to coexist with peers from thirteen different nationalities along a four-month time frame in Lyon, France. Among the beauties of this program, mention may be made of the enrichment of skills and knowledge on how to manage a different work environment as well as the understanding and appreciation for other cultures with diverse values and ideologies. Finally, learning about the French Cuisine as well as discovering the culinary cultures of other Alliance members is also a great privilege.

The network through directors, researchers and professors from different universities, stimulates research and team work in all academic labors. For example, we work together for sharing the best practices in culinary education, having common research projects, and knowing the latest gastronomy trends in other continents. An updated ESDAI concerning global gastronomy definitely translated into a benefit for our students.

We congratulate ourselves for being a member of this exclusive Worldwide Alliance."

Nancy Rosado, Director of ESDAI

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