Hyogo NCC College - Japan

Hyogo NCC College - Japan


Taro Iwakoshi
Taro Iwakoshi (Japan)
Chef at Le Bouchon Sully - Lyon (France)
Hyogo NCC College
Alliance Promotion 2011
"The Summer Program brought me the basic knowledge and techniques of French cuisine, but also gave me the opportunity to work in France. This experience was useful for my future and confirmed my motivation to start working in the country."

School Presentation

Hyogo N.C.C College was founded in 1946 by Toshie Nuguishi. Recognized as an educational institution for dietician by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 1950 and as a Vocational College by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 1976, Hyogo N.C.C College aims to nurture a prominent member of society with kindness and independent spirit. Our education philosophy is based on knowledge and technique.

Hyogo N.C.C College instills and promotes strong values such as respect, trust and team work. We aim to offer students multi-skills training with courses in Nutrition, Cooking and Confectionery since we believe in the link between health and food. Experienced teachers, infrastructures facilities and diversification of courses give students unique opportunities. We work for providing them the best trainings and help them finding a job either in a restaurant, in schools or in hospitals.

At the present time, students can chose among 3 departments:
Department Nutritionist course
  • 2 years Daytime course - Capacity: 150 people

Department of Cooking course
  • 2 years Daytime course - Comprehensive cooking specialist course - Capacity: 50 people
  • 1 year Daytime course - Regular course - Capacity: 80 people
  • 2 years Nighttime course - Capacity: 40 people

Department of Confectionery course
  • 1 year Daytime course - Capacity: 40 people
  • 2 years Nighttime course - Capacity: 40 people

Our administration is composed of Hirohisa Maruyama as President, Omura Tokuko as Principal and Yuzuru Fukazawa as Facility Director.

Hyogo N.C.C College was proud to celebrate its 60th year anniversary in 2006 and joined the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse one year later, in 2007.

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Message from the director

Hirohisa Maruyama
"Throughout years, the Summer Program has become one of the foundations of the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse, allowing students from our school to spread Japanese food, share traditional skills whilst discovering new culinary cultures. Every year, we solicit their participation since we know that this intensive program in Lyon will allow them to learn traditional French cuisine, techniques but also nouvelle cuisine."
Hirohisa Maruyama
Director of Hyogo NCC College