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Jon Tee Weijie
Jon Tee Weijie (Singapore)
Final Year Student at Institut Paul Bocuse Singapore
Institute of Technical Education
Alliance Promotion 2009
"Not only did we receive training in pastry and cuisine, we also had appreciation classes in wine and cheese, were introduced to the French language, French culture and history of gastronomy. All of which were new to me !"

School Presentation

The Institute of Technical Education’s (ITE) mission in creating opportunities for students and adult learners to acquire skills, knowledge and values for employability and lifelong learning through a “Hands-on, Minds-on and Hearts-on” approach is similar to the Institut Paul Bocuse’s educational philosophy of learning in an authentic environment, encouraging the enterprising spirit, as well as developing the person holistically.

ITE was proud to be selected as the first education institution in Southeast Asia to join the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse and to have the world-renowned Institut Paul Bocuse as a strategic partner in the area of French culinary arts and hospitality training. Since the signing of the Alliance Agreement in March 2008, 29 ITE students had benefitted from the annual 16-week international program held in the Institut Paul Bocuse campus in Lyon, France. Since 2009, ITE had sent at least 4 students for the program annually. Alongside the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse, ITE had also partnered Institut Paul Bocuse in the launching of the Technical Diploma in Culinary Arts program. The program is conducted in ITE with its entire curriculum from Institut Paul Bocuse. Students receive the French Diploma upon graduation. 9 participants from the Alliance program had since moved on to pursue the Technical Diploma in Culinary Arts offered at ITE College West campus.

In November 2014, ITE celebrated the 10th year Anniversary of the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse by participating in the international pastry contest. The Year 2 Technical Diploma in Culinary Arts students commemorated Chef Paul Bocuse’s life-long achievements by organizing a 2-week long Avant Scene dinner with two separate themes and menus which were extremely well-received by regular guests, whom many were alumni of Institut Paul Bocuse. Mr Pascal Lamoussiere from Institut Paul Bocuse was also in Singapore to share the philosophy, life and work of Chef Paul Bocuse.
Through the Alliance, ITE Singapore had forged links with other institutions through student and chef exchanges. ITE Singapore and Hyogo College, Japan had collaborated through two groups of student exchanges in 2013 and 2014. The home-stays for the students from Singapore with the Japanese families had benefitted these students with a deeper understanding of the Japanese culture, its food and livelihood. Conversely, the Japanese students had also enjoyed their stay in Singapore, with its modern metropolis city-living amidst the racial groups of the Indians, Malays and Chinese living in close proximity and its array of ethnic cuisine.

ITE looks forward to forging more student and chef exchanges with the other members of the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse in the coming future, across the different continents.

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Message from the director

Mong Song Goh
"The Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse is aligned to ITE's vision to forge partnerships with leading culinary and hospitality institutes to share and exchange the skills and knowledge, and develop benchmark education programs. The students that undergo the Alliance programs are given the exceptional opportunity to meet with other youths from member countries around the world."
Mong Song Goh
Principal of Institute of Technical Education