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Joe Chehab
"By joining the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse, we will be able to develop talents and lead the hospitality industry to new heights, in line with the vision instated and lead by Mr. Paul Bocuse. The resulting synergy will help position the Institute of Management (IGE) as a regional and international hub of expertise."
Joe Chehab
Director of the Institute of Management (IGE) of the Saint-Joseph University of Beirut

School Presentation

The Institute of Management (Institut de Gestion des Entreprises – IGE) is part of the Saint-Joseph University of Beirut (Université Saint-Joseph – USJ), the leading French speaking university in Lebanon.

Established in 1875 by the Jesuit Society, USJ is comprised of 5 campuses in Beirut and 3 regional centers in North Lebanon, the Bekaa and South Lebanon. Its Faculty of Law is also present in the Dubai University Center. Since 2003, USJ has been following the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), a tool that helps to design, describe, and deliver study programs and award higher education qualifications. USJ meets the European accreditation criteria as per the report of the European Accreditation Agency AERES.

The Institute of Management (IGE) offers three high level career-centered curricula in Computer Science for Business, Marketing and Advertising and Hospitality Management. IGE delivers more than just traditional instruction, its model is based on bringing together academic theory and professional know-how.

IGE lecturers are selected among well connected professionals with extensive business experience. Its academic syllabus is tailor-made to meet with the needs of the market. IGE also provides its students with opportunities to further their academic pursuits through its partnerships with reputable international academic institutions such as Paris-Dauphine, IAE Grenoble and Institut Paul Bocuse.

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