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Message from the Director

Mauricio Cepada
"The Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance represents a strong collaborative network of leading schools that share same values and objectives in terms of professional education of future leaders of the culinary industry. All the institutions also defend the same principles of tradition, originality, heritage and excellence.

The opportunities that arise from this partnership are endless for our students. We have witnessed a great professional and personal growth of each student who participates in any type of activity of the Alliance. The resources are there; it is just a matter of developing ideas and taking advantage of each and every opportunity.

Precisely, our goals with the Alliance are built in that direction. We aim to reinforce the network, promote a dedicated collaboration among members, and help to discover opportunities that benefit not only students and professors, but also the culinary heritage of each culture that is represented in the Alliance.

Mauricio Cepeda, Director of USFQ

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