Universidad San Francisco de Quito - Ecuador

Universidad San Francisco de Quito - Ecuador


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Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ) is a private liberal arts university that mainly dedicates itself to teach, educate and research in various fields of knowledge. It trains leaders who are confident in themselves, innovators who promote positive changes, creative professionals who generate new ideas, entrepreneurs who take risks based on knowledge and wisdom, and individuals who are free of any type of conditionings.

USFQ joined the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse in 2010. Since day one there has been a strong collaboration among all the institutions. In particular USFQ has provided an average of 5 students per year for the Summer Program at Institut Paul Bocuse. USFQ has also staged courses and demonstrations in sister universities of the Alliance with its professors. It has organized culinary festivals during which Institut Paul Bocuse chefs have lectured for students as well as Ecuadorian restaurateurs and chefs. It has promoted the French culture and cuisine in several events in Ecuador, and also mounted an Ecuadorian culinary demonstration at Institut Paul Bocuse as a counterpart.

Our main objective is to defend culinary tradition and values of each country and culture. First we encourage and promote our students to defend and recuperate the values and traditional Ecuadorian cuisine from a professional and academically supported standpoint. Then we incorporate the best practices and models of the French heritage and culinary techniques in our daily kitchen routines.

At the present time the school accommodates 210 students, divided into 3 main degrees:
  • B.A. Culinary Arts and Food and Beverage Management;
  • B.A. Culinary Arts;
  • B.A. Hospitality Management.

The school has the honor and privilege of being part of the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse, whose programs have not only benefited students, but also our professors. Our vision is to become the best School of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts in the region, a goal that we will achieve not only with our professors, but also with the quality and dedication of our students.

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Message from the director

Mauricio Cepada
"The Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse represents a strong collaborative network of leading schools that share same values and objectives in terms of professional education of future leaders of the culinary industry. All the institutions also defend the same principles of tradition, originality, heritage and excellence."
Mauricio Cepeda
Director of USFQ