Universidad Tecnologica de Chili

Message from the Director

Franklin Carpenter
"We welcome our friends from the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance to INACAP. We are the first institution of higher education in Chile which trains hospitality and culinary technicians and professionals that the country needs. This path has led us to make strategic decisions that allow us today to be at the forefront in gastronomy. Among these decisions, joining the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance was a condition that also positions us as a leader in Chile in training and dissemination of international cuisine.

Joining the Worldwide Alliance has enabled campus directors, teachers and students of INACAP to learn and experience the best of world cuisine and also its main figures, allowing to extend their cultural worldview and knowledge of the discipline in general.

We believe that the unity of the Worldwide Alliance and our permanence in it will eliminate frontiers and barriers that today impede the recognition of Chilean cuisine, for which we have proposed in the medium term, to strengthen the presence of the Worldwide Alliance in Chile, as the presence of INACAP and our cuisine in member countries, with the benefits this will bring both to the INACAP community, the country and the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance.

Franklin Carpenter, Director of Universidad Tecnologica de Chili

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