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John E. Endicott
"Woosong University and Woosong College are honored to have become the 15th member of the distinguished alliance of the foremost culinary arts and hospitality professionals in the world. We feel the heavy responsibility to represent Asia – specifically Korea – in this worldwide alliance.

We thank all Alliance members for the genuine welcome that we have been receiving since December and relay to all our determination to represent the goals and mission of this great organization to the best of our ability.

Joining the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance in December 2015 has marked a continuation of our ceaseless efforts to make Woosong University one of, if not the foremost, specialized universities in Asia. Over the last decade, the university has focused on the over-arching concept of globalization to bring Korea to the world and the world to Korea.

Our participation into the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance definitely strengthens our commitment to globalization and stands as clear evidence of our absolute commitment to programs that contribute to the positive internationalization of higher education in Korea."

John E. Endicott, President of Woosong University

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