Woosong University - South Korea

Woosong University - South Korea

Message from the director

John E. Endicott
"Woosong University and Woosong College are honored to have become the 15th member of the distinguished alliance of the foremost culinary arts and hospitality professionals in the world.
We feel the heavy responsibility to represent Asia – specifically Korea – in the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse."

John E. Endicott
President of Woosong University

School Presentation

Founded in 1954, Woosong University is a leading specialized teaching institution whose success is primarily based on performance and innovation.

It boasts 15,000 students, 1,243 teachers and 62 programs, including a department that is exclusively dedicated to the culinary arts, both in terms of applied research and hospitality management.

Since its inception, Woosong University instills strong values such as integrity, excellence, creativity, diversity, flexibility, and innovation. With over a half century of knowledge and experience in the management field, Woosong Educational Foundation established Woosong University under the motto: Paving the way to a stronger and brighter future. The school logo consists of a circle, triangle, and a square which are the basis of all forms of life. Thus, the symbol conveys the strong will of Woosong University, continuously striving to become the driving force of society for the future.

Woosong University's Culinary and Hospitality departments are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and quality laboratories suited for different specialized training.

Located in South Korea, Woosong University has been selected to be the 15th member of the renowned Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse in 2015.

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