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The Worldwide Alliance Program
Institut Paul Bocuse has designed an innovative 14-week training curriculum on the Ecully campus in order to accommodate students each year who wish to enroll in the Worldwide Alliance's program.

This program enables them to:
  • Improve their culinary skills and techniques
  • Acquire new knowledge and culinary techniques relating to French gastronomy
  • Share an international experience rooted in the reality of the trade
  • Disseminate their own cultures and eating customs

The exchanges, which are open to both students and teachers, will now be adopted throughout the network's partner schools in order to open up to tomorrow's worldwide tourism challenges.

Being in the attending world’s most recognized center of gastronomy and at the respectable Institut Paul Bocuse is a huge thing that is never going to be forgotten in our minds. There are so many new ingredients, techniques and experiences, such as working in different restaurants and serving customers. All of these new experiences are important towards furthering our future careers, because we are provided valuable knowledge".


Students receive expert teaching that combines demonstrations with hands-on practice. Food safety, hygiene and cross-cultural competences are put into practice. Classes are taught in French (and English when needed).

"This program has multiple dimensions one being the professionalism, you can practice and train in real kitchens serving paying patrons while still being in school. Second the human side of the program you have small intimate classes with world renowned chefs that can truly help you focus on perfecting your craft. This program represents a common idea of bringing the world cultures together with food and seeing the differences in each other but appreciating what each other brings to the table.


Focus on the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance program :


This course combines practice and demonstration classes. It is designed to review and consolidate basic culinary skills as well as increasing knowledge about products raw materials.

One of the highlights of this program is the chance for each student to experience a real restaurant situation in which there is a certain amount of pressure to produce quality meals to be served at a designated time. Different concepts are set up: buffet, a la carte, bistronomie…

These practical courses held in different restaurants are designed to integrate the table arts techniques (skills in table arts service and guest relations). Students practice table decoration, and mise en place.


This practical course is designed to review and consolidate basic pastry skills and techniques.

Bread Baking


The goal is to teach and to consolidate basic bread baking skills and techniques. The products which are baked are served in the Institut Paul Bocuse restaurants.

To give an overview and a better understanding of the French culinary heritage and evolution, the program includes conferences, demonstrations, visits, and classes such as History of French gastronomy, French wines and cheeses tastings etc.

Cuisine from abroad: demonstration, buffet“CUISINE FROM ABROAD”: DEMONSTRATION, BUFFET
Groups of students by country have to present a typical product of their country in order to share their knowledge and food culture. Each group demonstrates one typical recipe and makes it taste to their classmates. On the same week, students prepare, cook and serve their typical recipes to 250 guests during a buffet dedicated to international cuisine.

Benefits of this training

A life-changing experience


Since its inception, the culinary program offered by the Worldwide Alliance has welcomed 350 students coming from all over the world.

This experience is a real human adventure. It allows students to grow up as professionals but also as a person. With a step back, Worldwide Alliance Alumnus revealed that this innovative educational program has changed their vision of food and their way of cooking.

"Our students all come home with a new found respect for food, a new understanding in standards of excellence, a better knowledge of what true haute cuisine is all about."

What next ?

Job opportunity

Giovanna Mayer
Giovanna Mayer chose to learn and study cuisine because her parents own restaurants in Brazil. She always liked to be in the kitchen, but never imagined herself working professionally as a cooker before her formation at Institut Paul Bocuse.

Graduate of Anhembi Morumbi University (Brazil), she enrolled in the Worldwide Alliance student session in 2012. When she started this unique and innovative program, she wanted to learn more about Cuisine of the World and discover new food cultures.

What did the Summer Program of the Alliance bring and give you?
"G. Institut Paul Bocuse taught me the importance of discipline, concentration, perfection that every cooker needs. This experience was wonderful, not only technically but I believe that exchange of cultures is very important for personal and professional growth."

In few words, how would you summarize this culinary experience?
"G. Institut Paul Bocuse influenced me a lot, especially Chef Philippe Jousse. Most classes were with him. I liked his way of working, perfection, exigency and passion for all what he does. Until today I remember his lessons and I am very proud of having participated to the program."

Giovanna MayerAfter four months at Institut Paul Bocuse, Giovanna decided to take new challenges and get some experience. She signed up for Bocuse d'Or Brazil 2015 because she wanted to put in practice skills and techniques acquired throughout years.

Why are you participating to the Bocuse d’Or 2017 competition and what does the contest represent for you?
"G. This worldwide chefs competition is one more challenge in my life. It is a good way to show myself that I can keep growing and learning. When I started the competition on October 2015, I was hoping to go to the second stage but was already considering myself victorious to be there. Now I will represent Latin America during the worldwide finale in 2017. That’s incredible.""

On October 16th 2015, Giovanna participated to the finale of Bocuse d’Or Brazil in Sao Paolo. She dominated the seven other candidates. She became the first woman to win Bocuse d’Or Brazil. She flew to Mexico City few months later to participate to the continental step held during Sirha Mexico: Bocuse d’Or Latin America 2016. Her talent was recognized and awarded with gold by the jury. Giovanna will represent Latin America during the worldwide finale held in Lyon next January 2017. A city that she knows well since she lived there few years ago!
Good luck to her!

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Focus on: “Cuisine du Monde” Competition

During this international culinary contest, students use products and techniques learnt during their stay at Institut Paul Bocuse to enhance their own cuisine and food. In this way - under the watchful eye of a distinguished jury - students have to present dishes with flavors from their respective countries to a distinguished jury.
This culinary contest is organized in connection with the Observatory of meals and culinary practices at Institut Paul Bocuse.