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Promotion 2015 of the Worldwide Alliance

The Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse is the leading global network of education excellence in terms of the culinary arts, food service and hospitality trades. For the benefit of the students, the universities, and professionals, it fosters:
  • The integration of innovation at the heart of the programs, thanks to a multitude of exchanges
  • The sharing of skills and experience via best training practices
  • The promotion of culinary cultural riches as well as hotel and restaurant practices
  • The international recognition of the Alliance members, who benefit from an interprofessional network of expertise

In a concrete manner for:
  • Students: exchange programs within the schools and universities that are members of the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse
  • Teachers: seminars, training courses and exchanges that are in line with industry developments and open to cultural diversity
  • Managers: a biennial Board to discuss practices, industry innovations, strategy and feedback from the member institutions
  • Graduates: unlimited career opportunities
  • Research: a Research Committee and a range of collaborative projects

Members of the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse therefore benefit from:
  • A powerful worldwide network that identifies industry developments in advance and that always offers cutting edge education in the hospitality industry
  • Communication on an international level, thanks to the strength of the network and shared tools: logo, website, intranet, social medias, and events
  • Instant recognition thanks to the legacy of the Institut Paul Bocuse name, especially as it launched the network

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Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse
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Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse

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Support for both public and private international development projects

In many countries, Institut Paul Bocuse has been successfully supporting development projects at the request of both public and private institutions. It therefore exports its training engineering knowhow as well as its expertise in the international management of the hospitality and culinary arts trades while promoting the reach of the French art of living and highlighting the cultural specificities of its partners, who are based throughout the world.
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