The Hurst Campus - South Africa

The Hurst Campus - South Africa


Lunel Ackerman
Lunel Ackerman (South Africa)

Freelance Chef
The Hurst Campus
Alliance Promotion 2014
"This experience was very useful. It broadened my knowledge variety of cooking skills and food cultures and not only food but people, friends who became like family."

School Presentation

The Hurst Campus situated in the Cape Winelands strives to be so much more than a globally recognized hospitality and chef training academy. We use our curriculum as a vehicle to teach our students about themselves and the professional expectations of what awaits them in the hospitality industry.

Our mission is to provide structured opportunity to nurture their individual talent so that each student graduates with confidence and a clear set of professional goals which will ensure career success.

Our campus culture is grounded and founded on family values which include providing a sense of belonging, trust, team work and fun. Our family culture is a way of life which supports and inspires success both on and off campus. We know that the fundamentals of success never change - be passionate and energetic about everything you do, look the part, have clearly defined goals and a 100% commitment to taking action.
The Hurst Campus joined the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance in 2013.

The Hurst Campus - the gateway to your dream career!


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Message from the director

Rebecca Hurst
"The benefits of being a member of the elite Worldwide Alliance are tangible and far reaching. It allows us to interact with our global partners in a number of different forums to communicate and share our culinary heritage and most importantly collaborate on how best to serve our current and future students who are entering the hospitality industry."

Rebecca Hurst
Director of The Hurst Campus