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Message from the director

Andrea Oficorp, Director of International Relations"We started our internationalization project to give to the Bolivian community the opportunity to study with the best international professionals and live international experiences on the culinary arts field. To be part of the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse means the inclusion of an international, intercultural and global dimension within the curriculum in the teaching-learning process. Also, it will provide enrichment of the curriculum through exchanges of academics, to strengthen the development of new skills, knowledge, attitudes and values in students, academic and administrative staff. For the Universidad de Los Andes, it is an honor to be part of the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse."
Andrea Paredes
Director of International Relations
Universidad Los Andes

School Presentation

Universidad de Los Andes (University of the Andes) is located in the heart of South America Bolivia and the highest city in world, which is La Paz.

The University of the Andes was founded in 1995; it is a result of a notable effort and the most demanding standards toward the consolidation of a practical education with the most innovative trends on the Culinary and Hospitality industry. Educating professionals for over 15 years that are not only highly capable in the field of Culinary and Hospitality industry, but also in the entrepreneurial field. Precisely these characteristics make the Universidad de Los Andes an avant-garde educational project since our experience of more than 15 years in the Bolivian market, has led us to train highly qualified professionals on the Hospitality and Culinary industry to perform and successfully face the labor and entrepreneurial environment.

Our mission is to educate the best professionals that are going to be capable to expose our Bolivian Gastronomy to the world and generate a positive impact in our country.

The University of the Andes educate by the Learning-by-Doing Model, which in general terms presents different characteristics to traditional and conventional pedagogical models.
The University of the Andes has an average of 2,500 students, 30 kitchen-classrooms, 2 demo auditoriums, a hotel-training and restaurant-training facilities. Our programs are:
  • Culinary and Hospitality Bachelor degree
  • Graduate programs in Pastry and Bakery
  • Associates programs in Culinary arts

Unandes Santa CruzFocus on: New campus

On January 2019, 
the University of the Andes will start operations in Santa Cruz, which is one of the most important cities in Bolivia. The University of the Andes is proud to inaugurate 10 classroom-kitchen and 2 demo classrooms.

The University of the Andes joined the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse on September 2018.

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