Goodbye to the Alliance promotion 2019 !

52 students, 12 nationalities, a fantastic adventure

52 students, 12 nationalities, a fantastic adventure

On August 2, 2019

From May to August, every year, the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse gives students from the Alliance members a unique opportunity to share an international experience, to perfect their technical skills, to discover French culture, while at th same time sharing and showcasing their own culture at Institut Paul Bocuse located in Lyon, France.

On August 2, the 15th edition of the Alliance Summer Programs came to an end. After having spent 14 weeks in Institut Paul Bocuse, the 52 international students of the 2019 Alliance promotion said goodbye to each other. During 3 months, students from Canada, Thailand, Mexico, Finland, Japan, Singapore, Louisiana USA, Greece, Taiwan, Ecuador, Lebanon and South Korea have benefitted from expert teaching that combined theory and hands-on classes, demonstrations, tasting and educational visits, as part of a dedicated Advanced Culinary Arts Program and a Hospitality & Food Service Program.

Besides from cooking lessons, food & beverage classes, 6 weeks of immersion in the applied restaurants and hotels of Institut Paul Bocuse and so on, students did some field trips to learn more about the French regions and the notion of terroir. The 52 international students got the chance to explore a poultry farm in Bresse and discover a vineyard in Burgundy.

Each year, the Alliance Summer Programs aim to provide students with a deeper understanding of the French culture and lifestyle, as well as give them a 360° overview of the industry. Alliance students come back home with a range of culinary and hospitality skills, a new vision of the industry, and many new friends from other countries at the end of this unique international experience.

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