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Institut Paul Bocuse degrees awarded in Singapore

Graduation ceremony ITE Singapore

Graduation ceremony ITE Singapore

On November 13, 2015

On November 13th, 17 students from Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Singapore proudly received their Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management, established by Institut Paul Bocuse and jointly awarded by the ITE. The ceremony was attended by Frédéric Colin - chef and owner of Singapore's Brasserie Gavroche - Commencement Speaker of the Class of 2015 and Institut Paul Bocuse and ITE Singapore's teaching teams.

The collaboration between Institut Paul Bocuse and ITE Singapore originated in 2009 as part of Institut Paul Bocuse's Worldwide Alliance, which currently consists of 14 partners from 14 countries, representing the world's best schools and universities specialized in hospitality and the culinary arts. In 2011, ITE Singapore became the first international school to establish Institut Paul Bocuse's Bachelor's in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management program.

On September, 2015, both institutions have developed their partnership. The main objectives of this agreement are to increase student exchanges between the two countries as well as launch new collaborative projects between the two schools, including one that consists of an innovative digital development.

These initiatives confirm the importance and the emphasis that is placed on French know-how in the education of future professionals worldwide.

About ITE Singapore:
Founded in 1992 at the initiative of the Ministry of Education, Institute of Technical Education (ITE), Singapore is one of Singapore's leading technical and vocational education institutions. It is split into three campuses including ITE College West which opened in April 2011 and has been one of Institut Paul Bocuse's partners since it opened its doors. Its campus boasts 8,100 students, 690 permanent members and offers 43 courses that include both engineering and hospitality.

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