Institut Paul Bocuse welcomes Rafael Correa, the President of Ecuador

Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador, with Natalia, Briana and Ricardo

Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador, with Natalia, Briana and Ricardo

On December 2, 2015

On Wednesday, December 2, Ecuador's President was the guest of honor at an exceptional dinner that was held at Saisons, the gastronomic restaurant at Institut Paul Bocuse. It was an opportunity to celebrate his new honorary degree - awarded by Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 - and to speak with Institut Paul Bocuse's Ecuadorian students.

Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador, received Lyon 1's official badge as he now holds the title of guarantor and facilitator of university exchanges - in terms of both knowledge and research - between France and Ecuador. During this dinner, he was accompanied by Françoise Moulin-Civil (President of the Academy of Lyon and Chancellor of Universities), François-Noël Gilly (President of the Claude Bernard University Lyon 1) and diplomatic representatives from Ecuador in France.

An excerpt from the guestbook: "Para el Instituto Paul Bocuse, donde la extraordinaria calidad de la comida es solo sorpresada por la impresionente hospitalidad de su gente. (For the Institut Paul Bocuse, whose extraordinary food is surpassed only by the hospitality of its people.) "A state of mind"".
Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador

As of 2010, Institut Paul Bocuse has welcomed a total of 26 Ecuadorian students from Universidad San Francisco de Quito (USFQ), a member of the Worldwide Alliance, which currently brings together 15 partners from 15 countries: the world's top schools and universities specialized in hospitality and the culinary arts.

Natalia, Briana and Ricardo - students currently enrolled in the culinary Bachelors and Masters programs - were all proud to represent their country and happy to talk to the President and the Ecuadorian government about their respective futures.

“I am from Ecuador, a country full of joy and multicultural values where I learned to develop a deep concern for the good products, excellent culinary skills and hospitality care.
I had the opportunity to welcome the president of Ecuador Economist Rafael Correa and his guests. It was such an enriching experience not only because all the culinary arts and hotel-restaurant management students conspire it to be perfect but because we got the pleasure to share the know-how and the values that make us grow as professionals and human being. Intercultural experiences open new doors and opportunities to rich new goals, the reason I challenge myself to be here at Institute Paul Bocuse is to learn this so in the future I can be able to guide my Ecuadorian people to a better assumption of what we are and share with them the importance of sharing our identity through culinary arts and service.
I give a huge “Thank you” to all the people who prepared this important moment, since it meant the start of an important change concerned to what hospitality means, thank you for having us here as part of France and opening the doors to discover this amazing culture full of tradition, history and enriching values.”

Natalia Ferrin, 1st year student of the Master's in Culinary Leadership & Innovation

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