Aymeric Penven (France)

Student at Institut Paul Bocuse / Master in Culinary Leadership & Innovation

Aymeric Penven

Additional information

  • Nationality: French
  • Alliance Promotion: 2015

Why did you choose to learn and study cuisine, pastry, bakery ?

I chose to learn and study cuisine to be closer to good food, good wines and the people I work with.

What did the Summer Program of the Alliance bring and give you ?
This program gave me the opportunity to be exposed to multiple food cultures and to see the different ways of working with similar products. At the end of the program, I knew that I had dozens of places in the world where I would be welcome to visit. And I did the choice to integrate the Culinary Master at Institut Paul Bocuse to develop my expertise.

In few words, how would you summarize this culinary experience ?

Good food, good chefs, good students.

In one word, how would you define the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance ?
Meeting the chefs of tomorrow.


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