Janne Tihtonen (Finland)

Student at Haaga-Helia

Janne Tihtonen

Additional information

  • Nationality: Finnish
  • Alliance Promotion: 2015

Why did you choose to learn and study cuisine, pastry, bakery ?
It comes from childhood and from hobbies. Fishing with my dad when I was a kid gave me the passion for cuisine.

What did the Summer Program of the Alliance will bring and give you ?
The program brought me new knowledge about international food. It created worldwide connections and gave me opportunities. I also discovered France and improved my skills.so that this experienceance.

In few words, how would you summarize this culinary experience ?
Good ones! Chefs were great and the school had amazing infrastructures. I loved the city. It was a good experience. I will always keep in memory the atmosphere, the Alliance spirit and of course my spoon and the recipe book of Chef Paul Bocuse which became my Bible. Plus, food in France was cheap. I could discover many restaurants.

In one word, how would you define the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance ?



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