Lunel Ackerman (South Africa)

Freelance Chef

Lunel Ackerman

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  • Nationality: South African
  • Alliance Promotion: 2014

Why did you choose to learn and study cuisine, pastry, bakery ?
For the simple fact of joy for cooking and baking. I grew up with family who enjoyed cooking. So naturally I was able to cook but to learn how to make great food was a big motivating factor. Thus, I enrolled for Grande Diploma in Good food and Fine Wine.

What did the Culinary Arts Program of the Alliance bring and give you ?
It renewed my passion for food and the love affair you can have with Food and the world. Cultures differ and sometimes you get caught up in your own little “world”. When you take that step of faith to challenge yourself and explore other cultures and places, you realize that there is more to life than just live day by day. This experience was very useful. It broadened my knowledge variety of cooking skills and food cultures and not only food but people, friends who became like family.

In few words, how would you summarize this experience ?
“Carbo loading” – Energetic – Passionate – Emotional – Challenging – Learning experience.

In one word, how would you define the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse ?

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