Maria Ignacia Latorre (Chile)

Working at Mödinger Hermanos - Puerto Montt (Chile) / Manager of the company restaurant

Maria Ignacia Latorre

Additional information

  • Nationality: Chilean
  • Alliance Promotion: 2011

Why did you choose to learn and study cuisine, pastry, bakery ?
When I came out of school, I went to the university to become a doctor. When I was half career, I decided to change because I wasn’t happy. Honestly, I don’t know why I chose this. It was quickly and radical. But in the kitchen I found peace, joy and really good friends, perfection, beauty, stress and emotion. Many years later, I could say maybe I got this from my family. They were always cooking and trying new things. I think that it is hereditary.

What did the Culinary Arts Program of the Alliance bring and give you ?
The Summer Program was amazing. A dream came true. I never thought I was going to travel around Europe so young (25). Plus, it was not just travelling and being a tourist. I lived there and I learnt manners and tradition. I met different people, I discovered many cultures and made friends from many countries. It was the summer to learn about diversity ! This experience was also useful for my future since I was hired to work with the most famous chef of our country before to be graduated.

In few words, how would you summarize this experience ?
I learnt perfection, organization and the perfect mise en place, especially in pastry.

In one word, how would you define the Alliance by Institut Paul Bocuse ?

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