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Ruben Uchima (Peru)

Executive Chef at the Embassy of Peru in Washington DC

Ruben Uchima

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  • Nationality: Peruvian
  • Alliance Promotion: 2013

Why did you choose to learn and study cuisine, pastry, bakery ?
I chose to learn and study cuisine because I am passionate about cuisine. Besides, I have never considered this career as a job.

What did the Summer Program of the Alliance bring and give you ?
The Alliance Students Program gave me the possibility to apply for better job opportunities and to put in practice more techniques at different restaurants. This experience has been useful for my future. It gave me more recognition considering that Institut Paul Bocuse is the best institute where everyone desires to study at. I am grateful with Institut Paul Bocuse because it gave me the chance to grow as a professional, to have more professional opportunities and make good friends all over the world.

In few words, how would you summarize this culinary experience ?
It was a great opportunity to learn about other cultures and their cuisines.

In one word, how would you define the Institut Paul Bocuse Worldwide Alliance ?


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